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Here at Soulstice, we know firsthand that your health is your greatest wealth.

 We are honored to assist you on the ever-winding path of discovering harmony with yourself and finding ease within your body, mind and spirit. 

Tension levels continue to spike and run rampant in our fast paced world, welling up and causing distress not only in our physical bodies, but in our entire being.

A massage with Letha is a kind and caring way to give yourself permission to slow down, pause, and rest deeply.


It is an opportunity to listen and receive the messages your body is trying to send you about your health through the various aches and pains that persist on within you. 

It is an invitation to get curious about your habits and patterns and how they impact you on a daily basis.


It is a chance to be present and bring more awareness to your current state of health, and an opportunity to empower yourself to be an active participant in your own personal journey to wellness. 

Covid19 Information

As of 10/15/2022, Soulstice Healing Arts is now a mask optional business, regardless of vaccination status. If you would prefer your therapist to continue wearing a mask during your time together, we are more than happy to accommodate for you! When booking online, make sure to click the "yes" button on the mask preference option.

We are still vigorous sanitizing the studio space between clients, continue to use HEPA air filters during all services, and open the windows to ventilate the room for at least 15 minutes between all appointments. 

Welcome to Soulstice Healing Arts, a soul-centered bodywork studio in the healing oasis of Asheville, North Carolina. Whether you have chronic pain  in your body that just wont go away, a restless mind that just can't seem to calm down, or are feeling downright fatigued and overworked, a bodywork session with Letha is an extremely therapeutic and effective way to help you get the relief you need.