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Letha Zaracki

Owner of Soulstice Healing Arts

Licensed Massage Therapist, Healing Artist, Yoga Lover and  

Herbal Medicine Enthusiast

With a deep love for the ancient healing arts of the eastern world and a fascination with western modalities and clinical sciences, Letha has created a deeply therapeutic yet profoundly relaxing bodywork style of her own since she started doing massage in 2013.


Letha is very passionate about helping her clients identify the root cause of their chronic pain and postural imbalances. By looking deeper than just the symptoms of the issues at hand, she couples her extensive knowledge of human anatomy with myofascial release, ashiatsu, assisted stretching, trigger point and structural integration techniques to help restore balance and harmony within the body. She skillfully targets tense, overworked muscles with pin-point precision and helps increase blood and energy flow throughout the body.


Since she started practicing barefoot massage at the beginning of her career in 2013, Letha has fallen completely head over heels with the modality ever since! As a child, she always walked on peoples backs and used her feet for an assortment of strange tasks, from picking up clothes on the floor and opening doors to writing her name! Letha feels she was born to do this type of massage and is so excited to have a space to share the incredible depth and lengthening that only an Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage can provide!

Letha is happily a forever student and is constantly continuing her education and knowledge of the natural healing field. She knows massage is just one part of the road to wellness, and is excited to offer more services alongside her massages in the near future to help address the many different parts of ourselves that need attention and care. She is a student of the Usui Reiki energy healing tradition, and completed a 225 hour Professional Energy Practitioner Certificate at the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism in 2017. Letha is also an avid plant medicine enthusiast and recently completed a 150 hour study in Subtle Herbalism with Daisy Marquis of the Black Mountain School of Natural Healing. She completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training  program with focus on Yoga Therapy in spring of 2017 at Black Mountain Yoga. She studied Massage Therapy at Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield, Michigan.


State of North Carolina Licence #15876

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