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The Soulstice Difference

When you book a session with Letha, you are signing up for more than just your run-of-the-mill massage.

While Letha is no doubt a highly skilled and trained bodyworker with almost a decade of experience, she is also a deeply passionate listener. While she knows that structural issues are prevalent in this modern life, she understands that sometimes, the pains that are showing up in our bodies can be born from a multitude of different life experiences and circumstances. Not all bodily discomfort is necessarily just the result of physical injuries or over usage of the body. We are not simply just bodies with issues that need "fixing."


We are multidimensional, multifaceted beings, who are having a bodily experience.


Over her years of practicing bodywork, she has noticed these various parts of us; our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts; are inseparable. They are all woven into one, and we must acknowledge the state of our being as a whole in order to really address the physical symptoms that are popping up in our bodies. 


Letha has intentionally set up her practice to ensure that there is time and space for the many different aspects of her clients to be seen and heard. There is time built in for grounded conversation, both before and after your session. You will never be pushed out the door so the next client can come in. All parts of you are safe and welcome here, there is no rush.

Letha makes it a priority to follow up with a chat about what she noticed about your body during your time together. She builds in time at the end of your session to check in and discuss anything that may have come up for you during the session as well. Based on your mutual discoveries, she will then provide you some home-care recommendations which may include stretching, strengthening exercises, mindfulness practices, or lifestyle tweaks that she believes could help you feel more at ease in your body.


Letha always aims to leave you feeling relaxed, relieved, educated AND empowered. She truly believes that massage is more than just a quick fix or an occasional treat: when delivered with intention and care, its an amazing tool for developing deeper awareness and catalyzing change. 


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