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Massage Enhancements


This ancient technique has been used for centuries in cultures around the world to promote healing by increasing blood flow and capillary dialation. By lifting the skin and subcutaneous tissues, cupping creates temporary space between the layers of the skin, fascia and tissues, providing more room for unrestricted blood and lymph flow. This spaciousness promotes and ecourages all sorts of healing and detoxification in the body. The lifting and stretching of the tissues also assists in loosening fascial restrictions, promoting more freedom and flow in the body. 


Targeted Cupping $20

Hot Stones 

Take your massage to the next level of relaxation with perfectly heated basalt stones. Not only does the warmth from the stones feel incredible, it helps to soften hardened fascia and melt down chronically tense muscle tissue, making for a highly effective and yet relaxing session. 

Targeted Hot Stones $15

Full Body Hot Stones $30


Hot Towels

This treatment is amazing for anyone dealing with extreme soreness from intense workouts, repetitive movement strain or healing from old injuries. The moist heat of the towels penetrates deep into musculature and fascia, making stretches and deep work more effective and well-received by your body. 

Targeted Hot Towels $10

Full Body Hot Towels $20

Reiki Energy Balancing

Have you been noticing your mind-body-spirit connection has been a little off lately? You may want to consider giving Reiki Energy Balancing a try. Based on the gentle, subtle ways of the Usui Reiki tradition, this 15 minute extension to your massage will help promote a sense of ease and peace within your energy field. Energy healing paired with massage can be very powerful: we often store emotional energy in our bodies, and pairing these two modalities gives us a chance to really shift some things if our souls are ready and open to it.

15 Minutes for $25


Vibrational Healing Tune-Up


Immerse yourself in a symphony of healing vibrations with this sound healing add-on. A variety of bowls, tuning forks, drums and chimes will be hand selected to help attune you to your intention, and take you on an introspective journey inward. Sound healing is an energy healing technique all its own: the vibration of the instruments tones the energy field, using the law of resonance to bring harmony to the energetic parts of us that may need a bit of loving assistance in finding their way back to balance.  


15 Minutes for $25

Steamy Wonder Steam Tent Session

Experience the deeply grounding and detoxifying experience of a steam room in the comfort of your own private room! The steamy wonder spa tent is a special piece of equipment that was created to fit perfectly over the massage table; it seals around the edges using special sheets lined with velcro to create a tight seal over the table. The tent comes up to your neck, so you are still able to breath comfortably and with ease during your session. A water reservoir filled with local spring water from Blue Moon Water LLC. and organic essential oils connects into the tent flawlessly at the foot of the table. The steam then rises up into the tent, wrapping you in warmth. If you are looking for a deeply nourishing, detoxifying and relaxing experience, this is it!! 

30 Minute Session $50

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